1st Pocket Translator and Global Wi-Fi

A revolutionary solution to fast and accurate translation

AI-powered Translation

AI Assistance

Built-in Global Internet

Translates 60+ languages using AI to offer more accurate and natural-sounding translations.

Conversational AI helps you with trip advice, navigation, weathers and exchange rates.

Roam freely in 72 countries and share Internet connection with 6 devices without a local sim card.

What People Are Saying?

Powered by AI, Smart to Translate, Connect and Engage

Langogo is a handheld device that translates speech to speech between 60 languages in less than 1 second. It integrates cutting-edge Neural Machine Translation, Cloud-Sim Technology and AI assistance to enhance AI translations and assistant capabilities, offering you a worry-free travel experience.

60+ Languages

Translate in 1 Second

24 Translation Engines

Superior Voice Recognition

No APP Required

Real-time Display

Superior Voice Recognition

Dual microphone and one noise cancellation chip, translating your true speeches, not the noise.

Natural-sounding Translations

Speaks the way a local would speak, powered by AI and Neural Machine Translation that translate speeches into more natural sounding languages.

Conversational AI

AI assistant Euri has notable skills to converse with you and find answers to trip advice, directions, weathers and exchange rates. Just ask and Euri delivers. Frees your mind from worries. 

Smart Wi-Fi Hotspot

SIM free to roam in 72 countries when you land on the airport and connect up to 6 devices with the adoption of Cloud-Sim Technology and Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities.

Travel and Connect with Langogo

Plan Your Next Worry-Free Trip with Langogo.

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