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Translation challenge: Will human triumphs over Langogo?


Will human translation be taken over by human translation? The answer is no, and partially yes.

The well-known technology social media GiGadgets has produced a video themed at a competition between machine translation and human translation. The translation materials range from everyday speeches to professional science, biology and classical Chinese.


CJ Wang, the interpreter in this competition, can speak English, Chinese, Portuguese/ Spanish, and has had translation experience as a ski instructor for international team in Brazil. From his own experience, he felt that “Translation is not easy. Usually like it requires you to have a big knowledge of what is going on.”

Regardless of this, he still believes that human can do better than the “stupid machine” in translation. 

At the very beginning, he felt and looked confident. The first rounds seemed like what he said. 

However, in the later rounds when it comes to tourist information, science and biology, our device Langogo made a comeback and went on to end in a draw.


The final is a TIE.

CJ Wang might have spent years of time studying and practicing before he is able to speak the language. As a comparison, we “taught” Langogo to speak over 60 languages in mere six months, which increased to over 90 languages within the following 3 months.

There are lots of advantages of learning a new foreign language- it can help you to meet new people, travel around, feel more confident, and become smarter. But for those who have no time or no effort to spare in their life, a device that can translate between languages is a good choice.

More importantly, “it’s definitely cheaper to hire a translator to follow you around all day”, said CJ Wang.

It may take years for a human to master a foreign language, which only takes few months or even few weeks for a machine to study a language through the latest AI technology. Save your time on things you are really interested in and lovin. Let Langogo translate for you.

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