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10 June 2019
22 May 2019
The Langogo device seems to work well so far. I have used it manually, and in person, and over the phone while my iPhone had the speaker on. It will even translate the TV across the room in conversation mode, granted not as well on run on sentences. There are some things that could be better and the update feature should enable these updates and fixes. Why I bought this: I plan to travel aboard several times in 2019 and I wanted a device as a backup to my expensive cell phone. You pull your phone out enough, and it will get dropped or grabbed and then dropped, then what!
Let’s talk about some interesting things that I did not realize about this device prior to buying:
1. There is a built in eSIM. As soon as I turned it on it connected in the US to a 4G tower with five bar signal. This was without a actual SIM card installed in the card slot. The built in eSIM connects. There is a menu option to buy time on this eSIM in all the counties that support eSIM. Note: The actual SIM card slot is a Mini-SIM not a Micro-SIM. So when you travel buy a Mini-SIM for data in the country you travel or just activate the eSIM if you want. I have not tested either but the build quality of the device makes me think, no issue.
2. After connecting to my local WiFi, I did an update and the new software installed without an issue.
3. The charging port is USB-C which is a newer port type
4. The new update version enables conversation mode, like Google Translate. The conversation icon has two microphones, click on that gives you dynamic automatic translation of your choice of two languages. This works pretty good, timing is not as finely tuned as Google Voice on a new iPhone though. You need to pause a moment between sentences for it to catch up and translate. You can also press the side button to help close the sentence rather than waiting for the device to recognize the end after a pause.
5. You can also flip the text of the person you are talking to, so they can read it while you still have the device facing you and you read your translation transcript facing you. Great feature.

What would I like to see changed or updated:
1. Just being picky, the day of the week on the main screen is off one day. Simple fix via an update. The time of day is accurate from the 4G connection. Just the day of the week is wrong, Tuesday says Wednesday in the US..Etc.
2. The side button tone is very loud when pressed. In normal mode you start and stop each translation via the side button. This device has dual speakers and they are nice and loud. The problem is the side button tone volume is tied to the main volume. It is way too loud. You need the side button volume on its own menu setup rather than tied to the master volume. This is a big deal for me; I would like to even mute the button tone volume when needed without affecting the master volume.
3. The biggest want I have is, there is no capability for a headset or Bluetooth headset. Maybe they could channel the USB-C to a headset with an update. The best fix would be to have Bluetooth. That would make this device top of the pack. You pair this device in conversation mode with a set of dual microphone ear buds with proximity detect like Apple AirPod, and each person with one ear bud could talk in their native language and hear each one translated in the ear bud. That would put this device ahead of everything I have seen on the market.

PS. I’m writing this review to help fellow translation device buyers and to help this company get some updates rolling to fix and enhance their already nice product. Cheers!

I have used this device in Bogota and Cartagena Colombia and it works very well. It prefers 4G or WiFi for the fastest transition.

I changed my rating to 5 star. The units is excellent. The volume turns out to be fine.

The only issue I have is actidently changing the language. It’s a touch screen , so it’s easy to bump the swip down and change the language by mistake. Other than this and of course needing Bluetooth for earbuds, it’s perfect
Ryan Ngai
23 June 2019
This was a gift for my mom and we’re fully satisfied after the first attempts. Very good and easy-to-use menu interface, loud volume and large texts (adjustable). The translation operation is pretty simple. You set two languages. If you hold down the side key, it translates. The system automatically recognizes the language and translates into the other language. After some time, the translator moves to the standby to save electricity. My 'normal' sim card was easily accepted. But you can also use eSIM. The eSIM works during our trip to Japan. Buy one of their data plans then it can be a hotspot router as well. Maybe not the cheapest but the result is well worth the price.
23 May 2019
それに比べるとlangogo は素晴らしい。また海外に行くのが楽しみ。どんどん改良してこれ以上ないと言うくらいがんばってください。最高な製品でしかも中国製。そうとうな技術者がいるものと!素晴らしい!
23 May 2019
24 May 2019








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