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Your Travel Buddy

A smart new way to translate, connect and so much more. Completely redesigned with new AI technology, it will make you rethink what a translator is capable of.

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Langogo Minutes

Multi-language Recorder & Two-way Translator with

Speech-to-Text Transcription at only $89

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Explore the world in over 100 languages

Made for travelers, Langogo invites you to go further and helps you understand and feel understood.

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Your real-time interpreter

Translates both sides of a spoken conversation. All in just less than 1 second.
The streaming technology helps process the translation up to 4× faster, which makes Langogo
the perfect machine for real-time translation and a great way to hold a bilingual conversation.

More accurate than you can imagine

A new level of intelligence with the adopted NMT technology.
It uses a large artificial neural network to understand what you.
And the more you use Langogo, the smarter it becomes.
With this power, you can get accurate results at all times.

Stay connected with global and sharable Wi-Fi

The embedded eSIM connects you to local 4G cellular data network in over 60 countries and regions.
So you can stay connected when you are away from Wi-Fi.
You can also share your Wi-Fi connection with up to 5 devices to save cost on data plans when travelling together with friends or families.

More power
AI voice assistant built-in

Euri, the AI voice assistant, comes to the translator. It's
equipped for hands-free help with your overseas trips.
Whether you need to find a place to visit, dine or live,
navigate to your destination, or get weather information,
Euri is ready to give you a hand. Just ask!

Exchange Rate

Wander anywhere Never get lost in translation

At the airport, at the hotel, at the attractions and everywhere you explore.

Portable. Designed to go
wherever Langogo takes you

Langogo features a compact and portable design that makes it
the perfect on-the-go companion. Easy to hold in one hand and
fit in your pocket or bag, you can carry it anywhere you travel.

Built for your ultimate experience

Langogo uses dual-speaker and retina display to offer you clear sound quality
and smoother experience. It is also compatible with accessories like earbuds to
enhance your experience.

Machine translation is getting smart now

Is human translation the limit of machine translation?
Considered as a "stupid machine" at the very beginning, will Langogo fight back?
Let’s see what will happen.

All in one
Your interpreter, Wi-Fi hotspot and AI assistant

100+ Languages

Over 100 languages are

Instant Translation

Get the translations
within 1 second.

Two-way Translation

Hold a bilingual
conversation smoothly.

One-button Translation

Translates between
languages at one press
of a button.

Translation History

Reviews translated
results anytime you
need it.

Battery Life

Up to 7-day standby
time and 6-hour
operating time.

eSIM Inside

Get cellular coverage
everywhere you travel.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Share your Wi-Fi with up
to 5 devices.

AI Assistance

Enjoy a worry-free trip
with the help of Euri.

8 System Languages

Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional,
French, German, Korean

Retina Display

Responsive. Smoother.

Lifetime Upgrade

Ultimate upgrade in
your lifetime without
extra charge.

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